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This week I was kindly invited by Paris Unlimited with a small group of women to experience a fantastic surprise evening at a secret location of Chanel, by playing a Domino game.
Chanel is not more a mystery for anybody, but this “Maison” still surprises us with innovative and fantastic products that I had the chance to discover.

The rules of the Domino game were the following: we had to randomly pick up a Domino piece, and for each of the numbers we picked up, we had to say what it evoked to us. Of course, we know that 5 was Coco Chanel’s favorite number and the name of the famous Chanel number 5 but did you know there were so many other numbers that she used for her perfumes? The number 31 evokes the perfume 31 rue Cambon, where Coco Chanel’s apartment is located.
I personally got totally in love with the Coromandel of Les Exclusifs de Chanel, it is composed of patchouli, benzoin and incense, and it’s a woody oriental perfume. Loved it!
I discovered that using the body creme of Chanel at the same time as the perfume makes a huge difference, after that you smell incredibly good!

The make up part followed: in the moment we put on Le Blanc de Chanel, a luminous base, we were all amazed about the result, and that was only the beginning before the real make up!
I must admit I had used some Chanel make up and products in the past like the Hydramax+active serum and Le Jour, La Nuit, le Weekend creams, but I am so happy to have discovered these incredible other products.

I have to thank the Chanel team for their time and kindness, it is a fun experience to be repeated!
Have a look!


xx L.V.

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  1. Eline

    It sounds like such a great event, and in such a different way! Chanel always has amazing products, and i especially loooove the perfumes. I just bought Coco Chanel Noir and i’m totally addicted to it!