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There is always a good reason to visit Marrakesh…and not only because already the name is so exotic!

Marrakesh, one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, has been one of the favorite destinations of world known personalities during the last century, and it still is: the Master of Fashion Yves Saint Laurent, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jean Paul Getty and so on and so on. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is such a magic place, that some of the Greatest have bought houses there, as it was the case of Yves Saint Laurent.

During one of my trips there, my kindest guide Mohammed (who knows his city like nobody and speaks perfect English), showed me the Jardins de Majorelle, who were acquired by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé during the eighties. The gardens are just spectacular, as their house is. Just the colors have such a strength that you may want to stay there forever. There is a cool concept store next to the gardens called 33 Rue Majorelle, check it out!
One of my secret passions (that nobody knows about) are the doors. Of course in Marrakech I found my paradise, cause Moroccan doors are just sublime: the colors, the shape, the wood are just to die for! One of the best places for furniture shopping is Galerie Almas, in Gueliz.
The Jamaa El Fna Square, which is the heart of the city, is edged by the Marrakesh souk, where it is very easy to get lost. Some people love to get lost, this time I preferred to be guided so I could go straight to those shops I was interested in: I bought an amazing white carpet for my house and multitude of different cooking spices.

Another day Mohammed brought me to the Ouarzazate Mountains, it took us around 3 hours by car to get there. This region is well known for the beauty of the mountains, where you can still find Berbers (the Moroccan nomads) who live with the most simple things. Moreover several historical movies where shot there like Lawrence of Arabia, Asterix and Obelix, Kingdom of Heaven or Babel. In Ouarzazate I bought a beautiful Moroccan tea set.

Marrakesh deserves two or three posts, as there is so much to write about it. Next time I will show you the magnificent hotels and riads of this city.
You are surely asking yourself when it is the best time to visit Marrakesh. I would say May/June and September/October but I have also been during the hardest period, July/August, and if you are strong enough, you can enjoy it very much as well!
I have a whole list of best places to eat, shop, sleep, etc, so if you need any recommendation, feel free!


xx L.V.

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  1. Vicente Schnieder

    Thank you Lorena for this nice post!! I was also in Marraketch not long ago and I must say that your post has made me relive my visit to this magical city. Marraketch and specifically the Amanjena Hotel made me totally disconnect from our busy western world to become immersed in a world of gardens, carpets and smells of spices. Marraketch is a city in which the sound of water sources mixes with the voice of the muezzin to take you, in an imperceptible way, to the exotic world of Arabian Tales.
    Thanks for taking me back to Marraketch.