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Have you ever done an olive oil tasting?

If not, you should. I remember long time ago, I did one of the best olive oil tasting experiences at the Ristorante Balzi Rossi, in Ventimiglia, at the border between France and Italy on the Côte d’Azur.
But today, I would like to introduce you to the best olive oil in the world, and it doesn’t come from Italy, but from Spain. Many times spanish towns have little jewels that nobody knows about, and this is a clear example: nested in the mountains of the village of Alcoy, part of the city of Alicante, in the South east of Spain, I discovered a couple of years ago the beautiful Masia El Altet, where the world’s best olive oil is produced.
Once I entered the magical path to the Masia, I was greeted by the two Jorge’s, the father and the son of this “House”, in their domain. Funny enough, their background is not in agriculture, but they are both economists. However, when you hear them talking about their business, you would think they have been always producing olive oil. They seemed like long-life farmers answering with details to all my questions.
I am sure you are asking yourselves how an economist managed to produce such a high quality olive oil? I would say a passion for this business, an interest of controlling all details of the production, a love for their earth, the aim for excellence and a smart sensibility for knowing what the clients like, as they produce for different countries in the world, from Japan to France.
Talking about France, one week before meeting these “Olive Oil Stars”, a french gastronomy star had been visiting the Masia as well: Joel Robuchon, the Michelin star Chef, who is an unconditional fan of this olive oil. And he is not the only one, as Ferran Adria, the founder of the best restaurant in the world, used to present the Masia El Altet bottle next to Château Latour, Haut-Brion, etc in the vitrines of El Bulli.
Have a look at the beautiful domain, and also at the different first prizes that they have been collecting in the last years, it is impressive!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some time in the Masia and to have tasted the world bests olive oils! Keep on the excellent work, Jorge’s!


xx L.V.

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  1. Vincent Schnieder

    Good article. I like Spanish olive oil! Any dish of Mediterranean cuisine enhances its rich flavors with just a few drops of olive oil. It is a “liquid jewel” that the sun of Spain has been producing from the time of Roman Empire. I have to say that it is curious that the main producers of olive oil of the world, including Italy, buy their oil in Spain. What is the reason? I think Lorena give us an idea.
    Thanks for discovering these little gems.

  2. samer

    Very interesting article and discovery.. As I’m from a Mediterranean country, olive oil is such an essential food ingredient in our daily life.. Next time I’m in Spain, will definitely visit your domain.. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Ana Albadalejo

    Best oil! Spanish oil! i need to try that one!