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“The scent of a rose will always stay on the hand of the giver”

You will hear most of your friends tell you: “In Dubai everything is new, it’s all about shopping in the big malls, nothing is original, etc, etc…”
Well, I don’t agree and one of the best examples to sustain my words is the amazing and colorful shop of “O’ de rose”: the Chinese proverb at the beginning of my post already gives a hint about the magic and the soul of this shop.
Finding their “boutique” already took me some time, I remember my driver getting crazy to find it. Actually O’ de Rose is located inside a beautiful villa in Umm Suqeim, along the Jumeirah Beach and far from the hectic malls of Dubai.
O’ de rose is deviated from the French word “eau de rose” or rose-water, which is essential in the Middle Eastern culture (and by the way, the first thing I splash into my face every morning of my life).
I am always fascinated by colours, flowers and light, and this store reunites all these elements. I would say you come into a magic world of Arabic culture where you are surrounded by thousands of arabic products, and where rose is the dominant theme of the boutique, which is translated through the colors, scents and the ambiance.
I went there already twice, once with a dear friend and the other time alone, and I have to say, I prefer to go alone. The shopping experience takes you so far away from the real world, that you completely forget who is around you, and what time it is. The quantity of products is so big, that you don’t know where and how to start: bohemian necklaces, beautiful tea sets, Arabic tunics, funky T-shirts, artisanal furniture, and plenty of ideas for original gifts…
The founders of this kind of concept store are three cousins: Dania, Nadin and Mimi. They moved from Beirut, New York and London to Dubai bringing their experiences and passion to the city.
It is truly a beautiful concept: they promote the survival of traditional craft, as all their unique products are designed and crafted by artisans.

I have to say, “Mabrouk!!”

Have a look! And don’t miss it the next time you are visiting Dubai!


xx L.V.

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