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Hello everybody,

I am sure you all have  a season or a period when you have problems with your skin, it doesn’t have light,you have hormonal, stress or any other change that immediately shows on your skin and breaks it out. Today we are happy to present to you the treatment that we use in situations like this and  which results we are very happy about Avene. It is a skin care line which is formulated with natural thermal spring water, which is helping the skin to heal while soothing it.  Sure we all know about it but luckily we live in Paris where it is available in every pharmacy.  As we all know France is famous for the great skin care and dermatologists and all of them prescribe Avene as the best skin treatment, especially for problematic skin. Thy have a wide range of product and everything you might need from face to body but today we will talk specifically about a treatment for break out prone skin. You should follow this treatment for a month to purify your skin and get a beautiful pimple, spot and blackheads free skin. It’s very important not to sunbathe in this one month period!

Follow these steps:

Morning: Wash your face with water and Avene “Cleanance Gel” and then apply the Avene “Expert Cleanance” cream and if necessary, apply on top the Avene  “Hydra Cleanance” moisturizer.

Night: Wash your face with water and Avene “Cleanance Gel”, tap dry and apply the Avene “Triacneal” cream.

Repeat for a month and don’t forget to protect your skin with sunblock every morning!


xx Z & G