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Spending time in the desert is just a wonderful feeling…And I wish I could repeat it more often. It gives you such a feeling of peace and attachment to nature…

That’s exactly how I felt when I spent some days at the beautiful Al Maha Resort, located in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and part of the Luxury Collection Hotels, the best desert resort in the Emirates.
Its 42 opulent Suites nestle against the majestic desert dune landscape and guests enjoy matchless hospitality and close up encounters with the wildlife. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve around Al Maha is a protected haven for the many species of mammal and birds of Arabia. Al Maha’s efforts have been internationally acknowledged with The World Legacy Award from National Geographic and the Arab Cities Award for Architecture and for Best Environmental Design, among many others.
Between the activities that you can enjoy at Al Maha, you can choose between waking up very early in the morning to do falconry, which remains an integral part of Emirati culture, or the most adventurous can drive in the desert with the 4×4 vehicles. Others may will go horse or camel riding, go walking in the nature with a guide or doing some archery. I can assure to you that after such a day, the only thing you want to do is to go rest at the beautiful spa.
I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the desert, observing the oryx only a couple of meters of our suite, or the nocturnal jirds and gerbils “inviting” themselves to our terrace.
One evening I organized for my friends an amazing dinner in front of the villa, it was windy so we couldn’t make it in the middle of the desert (which is possible at the resort), but it was still a fantastic moment, with too much delicious food on the table, and too much laughter!

But the best is that you get the feeling from my pictures…


xx L.V.


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  1. Maritina Asensi López

    Bautiful !!!

  2. Hayley

    Great post and beautiful blog!

    I live in Dubai and adore Al Maha Resort – Gorgeous Photographs x