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A piece of Italy in the heart of 16 arrondissement of ​​Paris;

This post we do with special affection. The Rebellato family is an institution in Paris and we have the pleasure to introduce them to you from close by, and we can confirm with confidence and objectively the quality of this family restaurant.

The Rebellato pizzeria is not a conventional pizzeria you can find anywhere on every corner, it’s something else! Aside from being a true Neapolitan pizza the quality, finesse, expertise and service are exquisite.

At a time when we all have to pay real attention to choose a good and quality restaurant to eat, here they offer fresh fish, fresh mozzarella and all kinds of fresh Italian delicatessen imported directly from the highest quality Italian producers.

The atmosphere is also very special, when you walk in all staff is Italian and friendly, including the Pizzaolo. You can always find an interesting mixture of people there, from families to bankers and even the players of Paris Saint Germain. The familiar, cozy, discreet and exquisite atmosphere is perfectly suited for everyone`s taste and the the everyday life of Paris.

Certainly you will not be disappointed with this experience. It`s one of our delicious secrets in Paris and we strongly recommend it!



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