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Hat Vintage similar herehere, here and here

Coat Hermes similar here, here, here and here

T- shirt Zara

Jeans American Apparel similar here, here and here

Boots Givenchy similar here, here, here, here and here

Travel Bag Goyard similar here, here, here and here


Hi guys,

Forgive us the delays between our posts, but please understand that Paris was a city that suffered a lot these last two weeks and my respect is very important in these difficult times. I do not want to seem materialistic and unsympathetic, but life has to go on for everyone.

I think this look is ideal for a quick trip. It`s chic, simple and cool to go directly from the airport to your professional commitments.

I hope you like it, and that peace and love comes to the world!

xx G & Z



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  1. Maria Geronico

    I love the Hermes coat! Also, I’m a spr fan of these bags, but concretely this model is not very practical!

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