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Jacket Givenchy similar here, here, here, here and here

Pants Zara similar here, here, here and here

T-shirt Givenchy similar here, here, here, here, here and here

Shoes Zara similar here, here, here and here


I don’t know if you ever feel that there is strange periods in our lives when unexplained weird things just happen one after the other. Well I’ve had one of those months and although thankfully it hasn’t been too bad, I am glad it’s over (or I should say I hope) so I could come back to blogging more regularly like before. So, if you were wondering why our posts have been so sporadic and inconsistent lately, that is the reason. It’s not that we didn’t want to and didn’t miss it, it was just that some external and not so pleasant events in our lives required a whole lot of attention and didn’t leave us with much time for anything else.

We are back on track though and I am so glad that the weather hasn’t been too cold these past few days so we are still able to wear and shoot outfits that aren’t yet with too many layers. And even though it has been gloomy and looks pretty cold as on this day, just a t-shirt and a small jacket is perfect for this kind of temperatures. The bomber jacket is a fun option because it’s so versatile, it can be worn with sneakers and jeans or over a cute dress and will look equally cool.


xx Z&G